There are currently four downloads available, all produced by the administrator when studying for his Masters in eMarketing in 2009-11. The first is his dissertation entitled The Impact of Social Media on Marketing Strategy (almost 30,000 words), and the second is a shortened variant of this dissertation in the form of a slidedeck (133 slides).  The third document is a paper which explores The Future of Search (7,000 words), and the fourth is entitled The History, Development and Practice of eCRM in today’s Business Environment (almost 3,000 words).

Marketing and business students will find The Impact of Social Media on Marketing Strategy an extremely useful resource as it explores not only Social Media’s impact but the state of Marketing itself. It is noticeable that some lecturers and even professors are downloading it, proving its usefulness as a piece of original research. The Powerpoint version of the dissertation is probably better suited to marketing practitioners, but all should note that this document actually has some content that had to be cut from the dissertation so is useful for those seeking as much insight as possible.